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  1. Age4 years
  2. SizeSmall
  3. BreedGerman shepard
  4. GenderFemal
  5. Live with catsYes
  6. Home testedYes
  7. Child friendlyYes
  8. Reference19475638

Our Happy Pet Family

Meet our two rescue dogs, Corrigan and Casey, and our frequent visitor, The Cheat, the members of our happy pet family. We take the time to have each "guest" come to our home and meet our pets to be sure everyone gets along.
The Cheat

Welcome to Just Paws Pet Nannies
Our dogs and cats are part of our family and we know you feel the same about your pets. So we’re truly committed to keeping your best friends safe, happy, and healthy, in your home or ours! We’re a family owned and operated business, and have been working with dogs and cats (plus the occasional chicken) since 2008.